Air Conditioning and Automotive Die Specialists

Manufacturing Dies for OEM Die-stamped Parts and Products

Automotive Header and Plate Side Dies

Eden Tool and Die has a long history of designing and manufacturing both progressive and hand-line transfer dies for auto manufacturers. Unlike many other die makers, we can take your prototype all the way to the actual production stage in-house! Finally, your product is tested, inspected, and approved at our facility just before being shipped.

Other Products:
  • Heater Core Headers & Tanks
  • Brake Shoes
  • Side Plates
  • Axle Tube Flanges
  • Clutch Disk Backs
  • Clutch Retainer Plates
  • Charge Air Coolers (CAC)

Progressive Tube Sheet Dies
for the Air Conditioning Industry

We can supply complete turnkey packages including press, uncoiler and lube system - all according to OSHA standards. Your progressive tube sheets can be manufactured in a multiple row or with row-selectable dies. Producing tube sheets progressively can decrease the number of coil widths required. Be sure to contact us with any and all of your manufacturing needs and questions.

Performance Features
  • Pierced holes, chamfered collars, flared collars, others.
  • Manual cams or automatic row selection.
  • Gaggable sub-dies for notching, attachment holes, or thread lances.
  • Single or double-sided flanges.