Our Work

Precision Machining since 1948

Eden Tool is a family-run business that has stood the test of time.  In these challenging economic conditions, we're grateful for the loyal support of our many long-term customers, both here in Western New York and across the nation.  Our ongoing pledge is to continue to provide the best quality with the best service at the best possible prices - and always with an eye to making you glad for your decision to use us!

Braze-Frame and Brazing-Jig Manufacturers
Ask about our experience with this manufacturing specialty

Eden Tool & Die continues to enjoy good working relationships with heat-exchange companies representing a wide range of industries.  One of our most successful areas has been creating "braze-frames", or jigs used in the manufacture of brazed assemblies.  We've been especially busy working with the heat-exchange needs of the automotive and air-conditioning industries, but we welcome invitations to bid on any braze-frame or brazing-jig device, and will be glad to discuss your needs during your design stage, as well.

Computerized Designs

Call us to discuss your design needs, or we can accept your designs with most old and current software file-types.

CNC Machining

We're equipped with two Fadal CNC machine centers and two Tree CNC machining centers (see our equipment list for details).

Prototypes & Prototype Development

The design professionals at Eden Tool and Die can be a valuable member of your prototype-development team. You'll appreciate not only their knowledge and experience, but also their interest in your project's success, and in their treating every design detail as if it's their reputation and money that's on the line.

Prototype parts at Eden Tool in Eden, NY